We welcome you to our English page.

We will not translate everything from the Swedish pages - BUT - try giving you - a summary in just what you might need, contacting us - for more information....

So, here we go...

PS. I might not use my English - as I was born into it... so I hope... 

You will find us in SKÅNE - in the south east part of Sweden, closed to the city of Ystad.

You can reach us - either by going over the bridge from Copenhagen in Denmark to Malmoe by car or train and then by car using High Road E65 to Ystad, OR - by air flights to either Malmoe Air Port Sturup, - OR the Air port Kastrup closed to Copenhagen in Denmark. From Air Ports - there are trains to Ystad, where we will pick you up. You can also go by ferry boat from Rostock in Germany to the city of Trelleborg - or choose ferry boat from Poland (Świnoujście) to Ystad. 

About me - and my offer:

 Leo Selmerhagen, I use our site - KarleoArts - managing our commitments as custodians/teachers in the painting model Vedic Art. BUT - it´s not reallly just about painting - It´s about your own inner development.

I ( and YOU when painting)  follow the Vedic principals given us and from https://www.vedicart.com/welcome - as I am graduated by Johannes Källman and The Vedic Art Company. My custodian since 10 years -> Karin Hedberg-Nylund was graduated by the founder of Vedic Art -  Curt Källman in year 2000 - and is also certified to train/educate others to be teachers in Vedic Art.


I and partners mostly carry out our courses in studios at my farm:

Windy Hill

Benestad 4601

S-273 91 Tomelila



I can offer some small, singel rooms in the farm Windy Hill on a low fee, as well as and a double bed upstairs in my guest room up on the attic. There is one utilyty room incl. shower as well as washing machine and a small toilet for the partipatians. 

If wanted - ordinarie Swedish breakfast for for a pleasant cost is possible.

In 2021- 2022 ALL COURSES - Cancelled - > Corona Virus ! I try to open up again 2023! 

Here is the Package for GROUND- Courses for February - Mars- April 2024 

 Feburay:  16 - 17   Step 1. Starts at 10 ends at 16 

 Mars:        9 - 10   Step 2. Starts at 10 ends at 16

 April:        6 - 7     Step 3. Starts at 10 ends at 16

Free time painting is often possible - when class is over...


Saturday 13 to Friday 19 in July. 

This week includs Ground course, Continuation Course and course becoming teacher in Vedic Art.   

The seminars will be carried out in English as well as Swedish - depending on the different participants in each course. 

Time. 10 Am to 6 PM (10-18) 

The fee for this course is SEK 2.500. 

IF you want to stay the nights on the farm - we can solve this on arrival as well as solutions about breakfast and other meals.

We have some material in store - selling at good prices. BUT- Please bring your own 'handy-material´- if possible. We try to keep some canvas in store. 

AND - important! IF it turnes out to be just a few participants - Then - there will be no course(-s) . SO - please contact us in good time - to be sure on start. 

You will find more information regarding dates for other ongoing and future courses - by clicking this sentence!

There are some minor English information besides the Swedish words on the page.

I will try to adjust our PRICE-LIST as often I can - so do check - when interested.

Here are the prices - OUT OF Spring 2021

I  carry out courses during whole weeks – as well as just weekends.

  • During all weekends – there is the possibility to participate either Ground – or Continuations Course. The price is – for 2 days = SEK 1500 and for 3 days SEK 1900.

  • For a whole week (6 days) in Ground Course as well as Continuation - the Price is SEK 2500

         - If one more day wanted/needed – they price for this day will be SEK 500.

My former partner i life -> Karin Nylund Hedberg can also carry out Courses – for those who want to graduate as Vedic Art Teachers in Block A or B. The Price for those Courses – are SEK 4500 incl. a free Continuations Course. PLEASE call Karin -> +46707893275 

IF You already know and are familiar with all the Principals in Vedic Art – THEN - you are welcome to join us for a day or a weekend. The Price will then be SEK 500/day.

Welcome to Sweden and Österlen

Contact: contact@karleoarts.se